Monday, April 13, 2015

Transformer World in Introduce to new Technology

Transformer world is the famous name PVJ Power Company. PVJ Power Company manufactured inverter and electronic product. All products introduce to market and huge demand in People. Because Inverter helpful to save an electricity and consume power.  More than company work to inverter manufacturing in India but PVJ is best company. PVJ Power companies some famous product like steel pole, Transformer, Inverter, Voltage etcetera.  PVJ Power Company share basic information in Inverter …

The data in hand are-      

Primary Voltage = 230 Volts,

Secondary Current (Output Current) = 10 Amps.

Secondary Voltage (Output Voltage) = 12-0-12 volts, that is equal to 24 volts.

Output Frequency = 50 Hz

First we need to find the core area CA = 1.152 ×√ 24 × 10 = 18


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