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In a world with ever-increasing input costs, it is important for you to save on these costs to stay competitive. Electrical cost is one area where there's big scope of reducing your cost. We are a high quality Transformer Manufacturer which will help you in reduction of your electricity bills & save money for you in the longer run.
The firm was started by Er. V K Joshi (Retd. XEN, HPSEBL) with over 25 years of distinguished experience in serving the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.

Works & Registered AddressPVJ Power Solutions, Vill. Nasrali, PO Dabhota, Nalarah, Distt. Solan, HP
Work area15,000 sq. ft.
Equipment manufactured
  • Distribution Transformer from 16 kVA to 4,000 kVA in Copper & Aluminum wound.
  • Distribution Transformer in 11 KV, 22 KV & 33 KV configurations.
  • BEE labeled Transformer.
  • On Load Tap Changer Transformer with AVR Relay & RTCC panel.
  • SERVO Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.
  • Unitized sub-station of 11 KV configuration.
  • Special application Auto Transformer.
  • Special duty Furnace Transformer.
  • Repair & Maintenance of Transformer.
Manufacturing Team strengthTeam of 40+ trained & experienced technicians & 6+ member team of Designers & Testing Engineers.
ISO CertificationISO 9001:2008 Certified by ECA & GQAS
BEE RegistrationBEE Ratings approved for 4-star & 3-star transformers
Type TestsType tested transformers by ERDA, Vadodara
Supply to State Boards
  • Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
  • Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited
CRGO UsedOnly imported CRGO from POSCO IDPC used in manufacturing of transformers.
Oil UsedOnly 1st grade oil imported directly from Oil manufacturers is used.


Transformers are an integral part of power systems with applications in industrial facilities, commercial buildings and utility transmission and distribution networks. PVJ’s liquid filledPower Distribution Transformers range from 10 kVA to 10,000 kVA, with primary voltages up to 33 kV.

The core and coil design is a unique characteristic of PVJ’s oil type transformers, which generate the reliability, durability and reduced dimensions required for their application in utilities, industrial installations and public distribution. PVJ oil type transformers are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards ISO 9001.
PVJ Power Solutions is managed by Er. V K Joshi (Retd. XEN, HPSEBL) who with his vast experience in electrical distribution line is dedicated to helping customers find the best power distribution solution for their individual needs. We are a team of passionate engineers & technicians committed to give advice with our customers’ best interests at heart. We treasure our heritage and know that our hard-earned reputation for service excellence and superior product performance has grown out of the years of experience in the power engineeringsector.

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